Water, Floods, and Gauges

Friday, July 25 2014 - Saturday, August 23 2014

In “Water, Floods and Gauges” Ilona Pachler examines two key events in New York and Austria in 2012: Hurricane Sandy and the 100 year flood of the river Danube. These events led to the expansion of her series Elsewhere, a collection of twelve screen-printed images from New Mexico, New York and Austria that are based on a Haiku poem by Chijo Ni and comprise of prints on paper and wood which continue her investigation of place, light, color and memory.

Pachler is sketching and constructing her own devices to reflect and measure the images of the events and their memory. The work considers how we remember the distances between time and places and the arbitrary nature of permanence. In addition to the prints, Pachler creates sculptural gauges that can never be accurate and thus fall into poetic interpretation.

– The exhibition will run in the upstairs project space of William Siegal Gallery –

Bio: Pachler has had solo exhibitions in New York and Austria and has been included in exhibitions nationally and internationally. Her work is included in public and private collections in Europe, Japan and the US and she has lectured in Austria and the US and received grants from the Ministry of Culture and Education in Austria, the Cultural Offices of the County of Upper Austria and Artist Space in NYC. She currently lives and works in Santa Fe.