Friday, September 30 2016 - Tuesday, December 6 2016

“Pixels” was founded on elements of the Ink Throw Calligraphy and Graphite Botanical series. The “Pixels” float at the intersection between grid and “picture elements”.

A grid, as an artificial device for organizing material, creates structure, and from it’s repetitive nature generates it’s own rhythm.  It is a way to clarify individual elements by separation, while holding them together as a unified whole. Employing a grid has allowed me to recompose my work; this changes the way it’s perceived.

The Ink Throw Calligraphy compositions employed expansive gestures in their execution: full body movements coordinated with my breath. “Pixels” narrowly focuses on small 6cm squares from large paper scrolls of finished works.

I started experimenting with indigo on paper combining it with sumi ink. Sometimes these mediums have been thrown, brushed or poured during the process.