Friday, November 14 2014 - Tuesday, January 6 2015

For more than twenty years I have been focused in the dynamic relationship between landscape and memory as a painter and academic, I think because I do not want to lose my own memory, that I use many objects to trigger it, I have taken what is already there, in different places, and I transform it. I have memories collected in an intense journey, starting in my home country of Mexico; latter in Italy, Switzerland, France, Portugal, and currently in the United States. In this way, I give the landscape back what it has given me and what I need to remember.

My paintings function as memorial artifacts, made from natural materials, mainly vegetable fibers. The technique is based on ancient paper fabrication: the Japanese Washi and the Mexican Papel Amate. I have transformed these techniques by adding resins and other materials such as recycled paper pulp, oils, chalk, charcoal, gold, silver, and bronze.

Leopoldo Cuspinera Madrigal