Judy Tuwaletstiwa – Ruah

Friday, June 27 2014 - Tuesday, July 22 2014

We begin with the grid: this structure of lines or dots forms the foundation on which Judy Tuwaletstiwa builds much of her work. On this stage, diverse materials play out tragedies and comedies of chance encounter as well as carefully composed dramas.

Three years ago she began working with glass, a natural extension of her deep experience working with sand. Now, she is also putting fire to paper. Residues of heat and smoke leave ghostly orbs on pages sitting behind delicate wafers of glass. This “collaboration with fire” is unpredictable and unforgiving. There’s no reworking: a piece either happens or it doesn’t. Uncertainty is at the heart of her process. She says “Fire as a great transformer manifests unintended consequences.” – A reminder that there are no controlled burns in the desert.