Signe Stuart – Continuum

Friday, May 30 2014 - Tuesday, June 24 2014

Signe Stuart has been making art for over 50 years. She has explored countless methods, materials, styles and techniques. Like all artists her path has meandered over time and patterns have emerged. For her these re-occurring themes act as a kind of continuum…”a history of possible outcomes connected by thought.”

Her upcoming exhibition at William Siegal Gallery is the culmination of a lifetime of work resulting in an arc of related tendencies. For example, her use of stitching to modify canvas and paper has surfaced throughout her career and is a major motif in her current work. “Sewing is a way of drawing lines and physically integrating them into the canvas surface. I am drawn to the tactile quality of sewn lines. Like Braille, they are messages, their low relief casts shadows, changing with time of day and sources of light.” The effect is a subtle glow as seen in her recent Lux series.

Stuart’s work moves easily between organic and geometric themes since both get unified by her intuitive use of line and color. She says, “in my ongoing series of paintings, the lines (straight, curved or in wave patterns) relate to my interest in the physics of light”. However, “in painting, colors are more than wavelengths of reflected light…they are carriers of mood and meaning.” So the formal/visible elements of her work attempt a more ambitious inquiry: Do we search for the origin of the continuum, or simply surrender to it?