Color Fall

Friday, August 29 2014 - Tuesday, November 11 2014

Color Fall
unites three artists who’s work address verticality in painting.

David Ivan Clark’s subtle gradations take cues from color-field and monochromatic painting traditions but simultaneously evoke a sense of reductive landscape. Cloudy layers of atmospheric color hover above low horizons blurred as if by fading twilight or rising heat waves.

Willy Richardson’s gestural abstractions take gravity as a constant. Paint is pulled downward in large, loose brush strokes later intertwined with smooth gradient passages and the occasional drip. The result is an  energetic dialogue between high and low key color manifest in an array of contrasting brush techniques.

Cornelia Thomsen’s vertical stripe paintings seem impossibly precise. One might mistake them for digital renderings were it not for the edges of the canvas where her painterly process reveals itself. Her perfect lines and seem less gradations are a testament to her masterfully steady hand, while contrasting colors pulled from representational paintings of her past push and pull the eye like a waving curtain – creating a dynamic visual vibration.