Aakansha (Aspiration) – Embroidery by Asif Shaikh, leader of India’s embroidery revival

Monday, July 17 2017 - Tuesday, August 1 2017

Born in Ahmedabad, one of India’s great textile hubs, Asif Shaikh cultivated a fascination with embroidery and fine textiles from a young age. He attended the School of Interior Design (CEPT) to further develop his aesthetic sensitivity and expand his knowledge of traditional and contemporary techniques. The line of textiles he designed and released in 2013 entitled “resurgence”, have been shown around the world and played an integral part in reviving India’s rich embroidery legacy, while looking toward new innovations to help it thrive.

This collection presents works of art created in embroidery, a technique and form that has rarely been exhibited on its own. It is Asif’s aspiration to celebrate his 25 years as a master craftsman, wielding his needle and thread over the best of fabrics offered by other equally legendary masters. Many of the motifs reference Moghul works dating back to the 16-17th century. Persian miniature paintings, architecture and textiles strongly influenced Moghul elements, as seen in this collection. The materials used are natural hand woven fabrics embellished with the finest yarns available. Some works are further enriched with the use of gold plated silver thread, beetle wings and rubies.