20,000 Tones

Friday, November 14 2014 - Tuesday, January 6 2015

After twenty years my work continues to be a mantra on discipline,
intuition and process. I am in the second year of my third decade as
a professional painter. In December of 2013 I began the production
of Cholula, a painting that contains approximately 10,000
components, each made of a slightly different tone and subtly
varied size and shape. Cholula is a celebration of twenty years of
work and play. Through it I exercise the freedom to own the product
of the labor of my hands. It was painted for the pleasure of painting
and as an ode to the product of two decades of discipline and
process. Ten thousand painted elements carefully placed using only
intuition as the guide.
Simplicity and repetition continue to be the vehicles of form in my
work. This year I began a new body of paintings, adding another
step to the process. Some of the new compositions are scraped of
their apparently pristine surface and roughed out with a spatula to
expose the steps of the process to the observer. The result is a bit
expressionist, and also evokes a drawing like quality. Color is not the
primary element on the composition as it has been in the past,
instead, the natural borders of the colored components are broken
into kaleidoscopic sensation due to the intentionally damaged
surface which reveals the unifying black base color under the overall
As it was twenty years ago, the intent of my work remains the
same: The physical existence of the work is meant to open and
reflect. An invitation to sit and rest in color.         – Carlos Estrada-Vega