Paula Roland

Paula Roland: continues her decades-long exploration of encaustic painting. Encaustic is an ancient and durable painting medium composed of beeswax, pigment, and resin hardener. Heated until liquid, the artist paints this mixture, on various surfaces, fusing the surface with high temperature tools. Roland “marks” into the surface using a variety of techniques. In some works, heavy handmade paper is dipped repeatedly into a bath of white encaustic.

The language of repetitive mark-making is a record of experience or attitude that suggests a narrative as the marks flow, disperse, gather, interact, and personify social interactions. These works merge drawing and painting through an evolution of ideas, process, and materials that have a deeper source in her growing up on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi and New Orleans, and from an earlier Hurricane Series from the 1980’s.

"New Mexico, with its proximity to big science, art, and spirituality, is a nexus for the exploration of the unknown. Living here has heightened my interest in chaos and complexity theory. This culture of science resides alongside Native American spirituality, Hispanic Catholicism, Buddhism, and New Age beliefs, among others. Matter and spirit seem to merge in quantum physics and set the conditions for a poeticized science, an arena for ideas that emerge intuitively in my work. Thus it is for the viewer to “Connect the Dots."