Leopoldo Cuspinera Madrigal

Leopoldo Cuspinera Madrigal: Mexican artist, Cuspinera has a B.A. in Architecture;
Master Degrees in Management and Enhancement of the Cultural Heritage, Sacred Art and
Architecture, and most recently studied Historical Sciences, Industrial Heritage, and

For more than twenty years I have been focused on the dynamic relationship between landscape and memory as a painter and academic. I think because I do not want to lose my own memory, I use many objects to trigger it. I have taken what is already there, in different places, and I transform it. I have memories collected while on an intense journey, starting in my home country of Mexico; later in Europe, and currently in the United States. In this way, I give the landscape back what it has given me and what I need to remember.

My paintings function as memorial artifacts, in some way they show veiled and unveiled segments of reality or aspects of life: fascinating, mysterious, complex and sometimes also dramatic. These segments permit me to observe details which otherwise would be lost in the immensity.
Because of the nature of the technique used, the form emerges from the material itself: water and vegetable fibers. The technique is based on ancient paper fabrication: the Japanese Washi and the Mexican Papel Amate. I have transformed these techniques by adding resins and other materials such as recycled paper pulp, oils, chalk, charcoal, gold, silver, and bronze.

The paintings have been created in an intuitive way; nevertheless there is an underlying imaginary structure that supports them, revealing the logic in the resulting forms. The structure follows an essential movement:
For each descending line there is a corresponding ascending line.
Light returns us to the Divine Light.
Human beings reach out to that which is immaterial by means of that which is material.