Judy Tuwaletstiwa

Judy Tuwaletstiwa: Judy Tuwaletstiwa is a mixed media painter who uses natural materials, such as sand, mud, feathers, sticks, and fiber, with acrylic on canvas. Her paintings reside in numerous private, corporate and public collections. She has shown her work in many group and solo exhibitions over the past thirty years, nationally and internationally.

Tuwaletstiwa often works in a grid format. Of the grid she writes, "The grid is a matrix (from the Latin word for mother), constructed of the most basic elements - the dot and the dash. The dash becomes the lines of the grid, the dot lives at their inter-section. Evocative in the harmonious rhythm of its neutral simplicity, the grid works as a mathematically precise web that helps me organize material that arises from the continually shifting waters of the unconscious."

glass: An angel has a thousand heads, each head a thousand tongues, each tongue a thousand voices, each voice a thousand melodies.

Words come to us as though blown by the wind. Our breath, ruah, gives them life. We bundle words in prose. We bundle words in song. With them, we make breath visible, bringing order out of chaos, creating form.

Each piece in ruah takes its name from twenty-three words that have remained largely unchanged since uttered 15,000 years ago. Who knows what reverberations exist as we speak them?

Thou not that we to give who this what man ye old mother
to hear hand fire to pull black to flow bark ashes to spit worm