Luxury, Labor and Meaning In pre-Columbian societies textiles were not only items of great beauty and luxury representing many months, sometimes years of arduous labor, they also held sacred information encoded through specific colors, patterns and imagery. They were owned by the ruling class; individuals who were venerated as keepers of deep spiritual meaning and power. […]

Great Pieces Under 5k   A young collector recently asked us to put together a selection of great pieces under $5,000. Here are some of our top picks in no particular order…

                                                                                                                 Kain Lawons Kain Lawons are woman’s silk shoulder cloths from the Island of Sumatra. They were primarily created in vibrant two color concentric rectangles or three color diamond compositions using a resist technique similar to tie-dye. The selvedge silk panels are folded, a dividing line is hand stitched, the thread is pulled tight (a method called “tritik”) and either […]

                                                                                                               A Simple Stone All over the world early humans fashioned stone tools. These implements of agriculture, architecture, status and warfare drove the advancement of civilization and gave rise to the culture of innovation humans exist in today. The stone pieces below are ceremonial versions of utilitarian objects. To the people that used them, they […]

                                                                                               Faces of the Past: pre-Columbian Masks 2   The first masks likely evolved from face painting in the Neolithic period. Since then, various types of masks have been used in nearly every part of the world. Masks are worn for protection, disguise, performance, ritual and in burial practices. Others are not worn, but represent the […]

                                                                                                             The Power of Large Stone   It is difficult to define the term ‘presence’ in the context of a sculptural object. Some pieces seem to inhabit an area larger then their physical dimensions would suggest. They command their surroundings and draw attention as if magnetic. The carved stone pieces below are all examples of […]

                                                                                                                  The Alamito of Argentina Among the many masks produced by pre-Columbian cultures, those made by the Condorhuasi-Alamito people are some of the most distinct in style and character. Their unmistakable features include a pronounced brow ridge, angular nose, and three drilled holes forming the eyes and mouth. Although similar in their simplicity and form, […]

The Little Things Throughout the centuries pre-Columbian master stone carvers created monumental architecture, civic ornaments and powerful masks, but they also invested significant time and labor to fashion miniature versions of important ceremonial objects. These tiny pre-Columbian stone works often required greater artistry than their larger counterparts, and now provide an opportunity to hold a […]

                                                                                                                                The Immortal Feline The lords of the ancient world sought to connect themselves with symbols of physical, supernatural and visual power. So, it’s no surprise that predatory cats were a key motif in many artistic traditions of Pre-Columbian people across Central and South America. As hunters, big cats embody strength and agility inspiring awe […]

Ceremonial Ceramics of the Calima The Calima Culture was a succession of overlapping societies that settled along the Calima River in Western Colombia around 1500 BC. Over time, agricultural chiefdoms gave rise to more centralized governance and the role of shamanism and ritual grew with the expansion of a ruling class. The height of Calima […]