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William Siegal Gallery maintains a small but sophisticated collection of African sculpture. In addition, we constantly search out examples of the finest tribal currencies, societal hats, and other cultural artifacts from throughout sub-Sahara Africa. The collection also includes a stunning selection of African Currency – beautiful metal objects used in traditional Africa to trade and store wealth. Iron and metal-working were considered mystical alchemical arts in Pre-Colonial Africa. Very few were fortunate enough to be initiated into the highly secretive world surrounding the iron forge. Thus, iron in particular was considered to hold special value well beyond its functionality. Currencies were used for major purchases (of land or animals) or to signify a transfer of wealth at major events, such as births, coming of age ceremonies, marriages,or even to demonstrate the accumulated wealth and prestige of a departed loved one at a funeral. William Siegal Gallery displays these objects for their inherent genius, craftsmanship, and beauty.

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